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RARE = “exceptional, extraordinary, singular, of uncommon quality and exellence

Are you and your organization interested in reaching entirely new levels of leadership excellence and much higher quality of life for everyone involved, making the most of everyone's gifts, dedication, passion and intelligence?

Find out how Rare Leadership Solutions consulting services and The RARE Training™ seminar can empower all of your organization's members in the soundest fundamentals for becoming an authentically liberated, mature, happy, loving and truly successful human being. Here is a way for human beings to function "at the top of their game," enjoying far more harmonious relationships and easier resolution of all conflicts, enriched leadership skills, heightened morale, stronger stamina and dedication, faster and smarter work, deeper creativity, and tremendously increased levels of satisfaction and enthusiasm, both professionally and personally.

This website is a companion to our massive internet resource, Enlightened-Spirituality.org.

Here at Rare-Leadership.org, you can read the extensive brochure for the new RARE Training in Leadership & Integrity as well as explore several highly informative webpages:

♦   Learn how the finest elements of psychology and spirituality (beyond the helpful but quite limited "pop psychology" and "pop spirituality") can bring profound transformation, optimal well-being, and real fulfillment to our most important cultures: the worlds of business, government, nonprofit organizations, local community and family.

♦   Read of effective leadership types and traits, i.e., leadership styles and skills in what is variously called servant leadership, transformational leadership, enlightened leadership, principled leadership, awake leadership, and what I like to simply call open leadership —open to ongoing inspiration, innovation, listening, learning, and refinement for the sake of real exellence.

♦   Peruse a wonderful wealth of inspiring, insightful quotes from some of the world's most sagely persons on various aspects of leadership, spiritual realization, integrity, excellence, character, virtue, service, work-ethic, and more.

♦   Help yourself to a very practical section on Health in the Workplace, with cutting-edge information and health-tips on remedying the colossal problems of lost productivity and absenteeism due to stress, major depression, anxiety, insufficient rest and sleep, debilitating colds, chronic pain in the back, neck, hands-wrists (etc.), cellphone emissions, poor nutrition, and other causes of devitalized energy.

♦   For great "comic relief" (a well-known antidote to stress!), check out our long webpage on workplace humor.

We will also have here a section of select links to other helpful, high-quality websites on leadership for business and nonprofits and on pragmatic spirituality and psychology in the organizational world.

If you enjoy what you find here at Rare-Leadership.org, just bookmark this homepage and let your colleagues and team-mates know about this set of resources.

Here's wishing you everything wonderful, in all your endeavors!

Timothy Conway, Ph.D.
Clarkdale, Arizona, USA


Leadership Psychology, Spirituality, and Optimal Well-Being
Explore various views of leadership, as well as models of optimal wellbeing in psychology and spirituality, provided by Timothy Conway and Rare Leadership Solutions
Inspiring quotes on realization, leadership, excellence, character, service
Inspiring quotes on leadership, excellence, character, service from Jesus, the Buddha, the Gita, Tao Te Ching, Socrates, Eckhart, et al. to Gandhi, King, Ma Teresa, Dalai Lama and other heroic leaders
Workplace Health
For workplace health, here are many useful tips and remedies for dealing with stress, depression, common colds, bodily pains, via healthy living, healthy lighting, food, exercise and much more
Humor on Work, Business, Leadership, Success
A large collection of humorous jokes and quips dealing with work, jobs, business, leadership, and success
The RARE Training in Leadership and Integrity
The Rare Training, by spiritual-psychological consultant Timothy Conway, PhD, brings richly transformative insights and practices and real excellence for all members of your organization