The RARE Training in Leadership & Integrity™

What is the most profound and lasting shift
that you and your organization can undergo
for empowering all your people and activities?

Discovering the threefold secret of True Self, True Relationship, and True Power

Join a truly revolutionary, transformational training for creating enlightened leaders with heroic integrity working at all levels of society.

The RARE Training in Leadership & Integrity™ is:

Radical: “at the root,” neither superficial nor artificial but Deep, Natural, Whole, Essential

Awareness: this Source-Reality by which anything is felt, sensed or known; the HOST Principle which allows all “Guests” (persons and phenomena) to appear in consciousness and to flourish and grow

Rapport: resonance and affinity in Relationship, based on loving-kindness, shared joy, empathy (what is it like to be you?) and pure intuition of This One Self of all selves

Energy: the all-accomplishing Power of effervescent vitality (animating all levels of body-mind-soul) and real enthusiasm that beautifully manifests wondrous miracles, great and small

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Participants in The RARE Training™ leadership seminar, by coming into True Self, True Relationship and True Power, will experience:

A radical shift in their self-sense from a limited, “thing”-like ego to Open Free Awareness, in a truly revolutionary, life-changing revelation of our Real Nature

Going beyond usual forms of mediocrity into a total commitment to excellence and sterling virtue

Freedom from social discomfort, fear and defensiveness for enjoying profound solidarity in relationships

State-of-the-art communication skills for closer personal connections and fruitful win-win progress

Healing of the past, clearing the psyche of old burdens and tensions for fresh innovation, peak performance and straightforward skill-building

Mindfulness meditation, time-proven and now clinically-proven method of scanning the personality’s five main aspects for optimal calm and clarity

Advanced cognitive therapy methods to undo all sabotaging programs in the subconscious

Three-fold emotional clearing (verbal psyche, visual psyche, body-sensing) to free colossal energies tied up in negative emotions and unleash the one true emotion (or “radiant energy”): joyous love

Top-notch science on sleeping-waking circadian rhythms for health, natural and sustainable methods for elevating mood, yogic power-napping, and superior exercise- and nutrition-plans for optimal fitness

An extremely enlivening attunement to the formless life-force or vital power to fully energize us for extraordinary stamina, productivity and ingenuity.

Because it functions at the deepest level of one’s consciousness, The RARE TRAINING will maximize the usefulness of all other trainings that your organization might offer its members.

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“There is one simple reason... why most organizations fail to draw out the greatest talent, ingenuity and creativity of their people and never become truly great, enduring organizations: an incomplete paradigm of who we are—our fundamental view of human nature.... Human beings are not things needing to be motivated and controlled; they are four dimensional—body, mind, heart and spirit.... Spiritual Intelligence is the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences [physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual] because it becomes the source of guidance of the other three.” --Stephen Covey, The Eighth Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness, 2004

“The individual needs the return to spiritual values, for he can survive in the present human situation only by reaffirming that man is not just a biological and psychological being but also a spiritual being.” “Society needs a return to spiritual values—not to offset the material but to make it fully productive.... Mankind needs the return to spiritual values, for it needs compassion. It needs the deep experience that the Thou and the I are one, which all higher religions share.” --Peter Drucker, Landmarks of Tomorrow, 1959 & 1996 editions.

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A major trend of the last few decades is the big influx of spiritual ideals—even beyond the many psychological insights—that have entered into the business and organizational world (e.g., the spiritual ideals presented in the work of Robert Greenleaf, Stephen Covey, Max DePree, Dee Hock, Willis Harman, Dan Millman, Jack Canfield, Jack Hawley, Clint Sidle, Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, Doug Lennick & Fred Kiel, et al.). This is quite promising, for hundreds of medical-science studies clearly show that spirituality brings enormous benefits for one’s physical-emotional-mental health, one’s work, creativity, productivity, relationships, satisfaction, and more. (See Dr. David Larson’s meta-analysis research profiled at the above weblinked essay.)

The RARE TRAINING™ takes spiritual and psychological principles to great profundity, opening a person to an entirely new level of feeling, function, ingenuity and intuition—the self-less Reality, free of egotism yet full of Awareness-Aliveness-Intelligence-Enthusiasm.

Beyond the “7 steps,” “8 secrets,” “12 principles,” “25 elements” and “124 factors” that all the fine authors and coaches on the motivational circuit recommend, there are really ONLY THREE TRUTHS to authentically awaken, motivate and inspire us: the 3-fold miracle of Who I Am and Who You Are (as viewpoints of Pure Awareness), and the pulsing Energy, Power or Spirit that so vitally enlivens us on physical-mental-emotional levels, without which we couldn’t lift a finger or function in any way whatsoever.

When clear on these three Truths, namely, I + Thou + Energy-Power-Spirit, we have the soundest possible foundation for living the great “leadership virtues” touted in the popular business texts and talks: integrity, authenticity, responsibility, humility, serenity, flexibility, accountability, generosity, self-discipline, trustworthiness, passion, patience, commitment, confidence, conscience, character, courage, charisma, caring and love.

Top executives, managers and employees in organizations are today under intense pressures from all directions to succeed and “be part of the solution, not the problem.” But what kind of help are these hard-working people getting? When it comes to developing precious human resources, most trainings and tutorials combine emotional boosting and mind-reprogramming from the pop psychology of “self-actualization.” One comes away with an inflated mood, catchy maxims, and tips on positive-thinking to counter negativity.

Yet without liberating people from limited-self to True Self, such approaches are more of an unsustainable “band-aid” strategy rather than a real cure for mistaken identity and all problems stemming from the narrow, limited self. Hence, current trainings mostly continue to perpetuate and inflate this self with “getting high” on fleeting states of euphoria and adrenaline rather than getting truly clear for peak functioning. Without opening to the clarity and profundity of True Self, the limited self—no matter how “actualized” —sooner or later feels heavy and resistant to all the motivational messages and various instruction materials offered by business leaders, speakers and trainers today. The result? Reduced creativity and productivity, even burnout and dropout due to malaise, depression, anxiety and interpersonal conflict.

There is a better way.... Dr. Abe Maslow, who in 1959 founded Humanistic Psychology, and pioneered the very notion of self-actualization, proceeded with select colleagues a decade later in 1969 to launch Transpersonal Psychology, a far more sophisticated endeavor to discover the hidden greatness of human potential. Beyond self-actualization, Transpersonal Psychology has discovered how we human beings can open to self-transcendence and remarkable realms of functioning.

The RARE TRAINING in Leadership & Integrity™ is a “New Paradigm” Transpersonal Psychology system surpassing mere rhetoric, mental schemas, emotional euphoria, “me-and-my” pop psychology and New Age gimmicks. It includes the best of Humanistic Psychology’s self-actualization approaches, but ventures far more deeply into our sublime capacity for self-transcendence and Self-Realization. The RARE Training uses the insights of Transpersonal Psychology and the secrets of our most eminent spiritual leaders of the Great Sacred Traditions—the world’s truly impressive sages, saints and incarnations. These adepts’ potent and practical insights (such as “living from emptiness-fullness”) can be applied by every one of us to become shining members of the “new humanity,” rooted in the Deep Truth of Who We Really Are.

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TO SUM UP: The RARE TRAINING in Leadership & Integrity™ teaches top executives, managers and other members of any organizational culture how to grace-fully operate from True Self in True Relationship with True Power, rather than from the false self, the “me-fiction,” a stunted level of development leading to troubled relationships, mediocre output, and mis-use of power. This impressive leadership seminar helps turn adversity into adventure, stagnation into innovation, work into play, meaninglessness into fulfillment, and mediocrity into excellence.

Let The RARE Training empower all your organizational members in the soundest fundamentals for becoming an authentically liberated and truly successful and mature human being, for more harmonious relationships, easier resolution of conflicts, stronger stamina and dedication, higher morale, faster and smarter work, richer creativity, and tremendously increased satisfaction and enthusiasm both professionally and personally.

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The RARE Training in Leadership & Integrity is suitable for small, medium and large groups in formats ranging from a half-day partial selection of learning modules to full 1-day or 2-day trainings (recommended). (Also available: 1-hour and 2-hour keynote talks on certain topics related to the RARE Training.)

Please provide your organization's unique interests and issues, and elements of The RARE Training can be customized to best promote your group’s collective transformation for greater effectiveness.

For prices, including special introductory rates, please contact:

RARE Leadership Solutions
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About Timothy Conway, developer of The RARE TRAINING:

Timothy Conway brings a wealth of insights and practices to empower leaders at all levels of any organization in key areas such as Realization, Motivation, Inspiration, Peak Performance, Peace-making and Stress-free Peace-living, to best fulfill their dreams and help heal our world. He is also an investor in numerous publicly-traded companies, and so understands the many complex issues and concerns that face business leaders and their employees. With an M.A. and Ph.D. in East-West Psychology, a certificate in Organizational Development from San Francisco’s CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) and B.A. degrees in Psychology & Religious Studies from the University of California, Timothy has spent 40+ years discerning, living and sharing the world’s finest wisdom. Residing with his wife Laura in Arizona after 30 years living in Santa Barbara, CA, Timothy brings a deeply engaging style of caring compassion, gentle humor and impeccable integrity as a longtime educator for SBCC’s renowned Ongoing Learning program and other institutions, a counselor and consultant in private practice, and a respected spiritual teacher, much of his time freely given pro bono. In over 2,000 speaking assignments over the last 20 years, Timothy has been opening hearts and minds for thousands of people. His website is one of the Web’s richest resources for its more than 80 original essays on sages and saints; world religions; healthy spirituality; nondual realization; enlightened politics and science; healthy relationships; spiritual humor; and much more.

A world-expert on spiritual leadership, Timothy has enjoyed one-on-one consultations and quality time with many of our greatest heroes, including the “Hugging Mother” Amma (multiply-honored by the UN and major media, and first introduced to the West by Timothy in his widely-read book Women of Power & Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time, 1995), as well as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Tibet’s Dalai Lama, Burma’s leading sage Taungpulu Sayadaw, and many other Buddhist, Christian, Hindu Vedanta, Jewish and Muslim sages. In 1981 he directly studied under India’s greatest sage of the latter 20th century, Nisargadatta Maharaj, whose pinnacle wisdom is now, over two decades later, being discovered and quoted by everyone from Deepak Chopra to Wayne Dyer. This is one of nearly 40 figures profiled in Timothy’s forthcoming massive book, India’s Sages: Nondual Wisdom from the Heart of Freedom, a companion volume to India’s Sages Source Book (over 100 sages and texts from ancient times to pre-modern). Also forthcoming will be Timothy's Liberating Zen Source and works such as Spirit, Science & Deep Wonder and Healing Our World: Crucial Solutions for Urgent Problems. A long interview with Timothy on spirituality was the Sun magazine’s cover story for April 2003. His essay, “Nondual Awakening: Its Source and Applications,” was included in the acclaimed anthology, Listening from the Heart of Silence: Nondual Wisdom & Psychotherapy, Vol. 2 (John Prendergast & G. Kenneth Bradford, Eds.), Paragon, 2007, pp. 231-254. Among other notable essays, Timothy's op-ed piece, “Why Did They Do It? Understanding and Resolving the Terrorist Problem,” was published by the Gandhi Institute in the weeks following the 9/11 national tragedy. (All these and many more essays can be found at

Timothy is also available for lecturing and keynote speaking (from 40 minutes to 2 hours), on topics such as the following:

The Mystery & Majesty of Our True Identity
Beyond Stress, Conflict & Boredom
The Qualities of Authentic Leadership
Excellence in Organizational Cultures
What Is True Spiritual Freedom, Love, Power and Realization?