Leadership Psychology-Spirituality
and Optimal Well-Being

This section of our website, emphasizing leadership psychology-spirituality and optimal well-being, will have more materials in the near future, including a long article about the history of leadership and management philosophies over the course of the 20th and now 21st centuries.

For now, read a landmark 1969 article by Abraham Maslow -- the founder, with his colleague Anthony Sutich, of "self-actualizing" Humanistic Psychology-- at a time when he and Sutich had embarked on an adventure to establish the new field of Transpersonal Psychology for the sake of promoting "self-transcendence" and much greater virtue. This "Theory Z" article is notable in that Maslow concludes: "I have found approximately as many transcenders among businessmen, industrialists, managers, educators, political people as I have among the professionally 'religious,' the poets, intellectuals, musicians, and others who are supposed to be transcenders and are officially labeled so."

If you want to dive much more deeply into all this great material on the New Paradigm in psychology, here is a substantial essay-- excerpted and adapted from my doctoral dissertation-- about the crucial evolution of thinking in western psychology on optimal well-being, from the Depth Psychologies and Behavioral Psychologies through Humanistic Psychology and, at an even more sophisticated level, Transpersonal Psychology (with three dozen different psychologists surveyed for their views on well-being).

With the last development, the emergence of Transpersonal Psychology, we see the powerful coming together of the best of modern western psychology with the sacred wisdom of the Great Traditions, the mystical core of our major religious traditions. This potent synergy can promote the next step in human development: the realization of true spiritual maturity, great virtue, liberating wisdom and transforming love to better heal our world, our nations, our communities, our families, and our personal selves.

Next, for a huge collection of shining truth-gems from our spiritual traditions, click on the "Inspirational Quotes" button at the upper left of our website, and read to your heart's content the transformative words of humanity's most celebrated spiritual leaders, male and female, East and West...